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I am fascinated by the things in life that I do not fully understand. To me the beauty of art lies in its mystery, and that is my art.

My paintings are symbolic questions and statements about human emotion. It offers an ongoing dialogue and portrayal of joy and consolation, losses and hardship that all comes with life.

There is an intimacy involved in the process of creating an artwork. My work is expressed in a non objective manner, stirring emotion and response through distortion, exaggeration and spontaneity. 

I was born and raised in Nelspruit, South Africa where the land has a personality of its own.

The love of land can seep into the essence of a person. The landscape of my country formed my Afrikaner identity. An identity that is ultimately rich and fundamental of the character of South Africa. Although burdened by ghosts of violence and exploitation, it exudes Africa’s richness, its history and its soul.