Patty Kane


The beauty of The Florida landscape, skies, and coastal scenes is the inspiration for most of Patty Kane’s paintings. “When I am painting, I tend to simplify my subject matter into large shapes and color. My work is an expression of what I see”. This process seems to parallel the simplicity she strives for her daily life.


Patty Kane began her dream of leading an artistic life, 20+ years ago while studying at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida, where she was accepted into the Fellowship Program and was granted a Studio Artist position. Her career has come full circle, as she is a faculty  member teaching Watercolor in the Crealde Painting Department . She is an art educator with a focus on the “Wet-On-Wet Process of Watercolor”. She teaches workshops at McRae Art Studios, as well as many art associations in Florida. “Painting gives me so much happiness in my life. I just want to share my knowledge with others”, says Patty.


She has won many awards for her Florida-themed paintings, most recently the “Lee Ackert” Award for Outstanding Color at Fort Myers Beach Art Association. She was granted “Art Educator of the Year” at Centers For The Arts of Bonita Springs and received a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” for Keeping Hope Alive Through Art Exhibition in Winter Park.

While a member of Naples Art District, an independent group of 30+ artists, her studio was known for its open-door policy to art lovers and art students alike. “My studio was also my gallery. People love to see an artist’s painting process and talk about the scenes so familiar to those who visited the area.”


She is currently a member of McRae Art Studios, Florida Watercolor Society, Central Florida Watercolor Society and Crealde School of Art.