Mary Ostrander

2013 spring bronze.jpg

Metal has always enchanted me - it stretches and moves, taking a thousand shapes, yet it is firm and glowing, holding a perfect line or capturing a form forever.

Ideas of nature, sophistication, freedom, "protection," sharing, and obligation are all themes in my work. A journey, inward, upward, and outward as well was movement and relationships are echoed in my creations.

I have a fascination with the way things work. Many of my pieces have hinges, layers, slides, covers, and hidden treasures. I always wanted my necklaces to be longer or shorter than they were, so I designed a series of adjustable chains, sometimes concealing the extra chain in the neckpiece itself, sometimes doubling it up in an elegant way, or perhaps arranging for a flexible clasp mechanism. 

Most of my work is in sterling silver. I use fabrications techniques including sawing, soldering, forming, roller printing, surface texturing, and patination.

I've attended classes at Pen land, Arrow Mont, Atlantic Center, and at various workshops help by the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. I've studied with some of the best and most inspiring metalworkers in the country. I'm currently vice president of FSG-Northeast Chapter, and am on FSG's State Board of Directors.

I also teach sailing and canoeing at Rollins College, and have a wonderful time alternating between poring over my jewelers and workbench and skimming over Winter Parks lovely chain of lakes.