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This journey down the artists' highway has found me visiting villages of colors and families of faces. It's all about my infatuation with the graphic interplay of various colors, textures and face

expressions and seeing how various juxtapositions evoke different responses in the viewer, from youth to seasoned soul. I am nourishing this fix with creamy oil pastels torn paper and pieces of text, and layer built upon layer of different paints. A whole little world is born when i add all of these ingredients together.

The influences of my father, an architect and gourmet foodie and my mother, an eco-activist and musician have played themselves out consistently in my work. The aromas of food, sounds of music, elements of nature and trends of fashion are all grist for my creative mill. As a young girl, I used to tag along with my mom to her job as a docent at the St. Louis Art Museum. I was extremely curious about the modern art and my affinity for contemporary work grew enormously during these years. I recall staring endlessly at the colorful and novel work of Wayne

Thiebaud, the richly textured and graphic works of Jim Dine and Mark Rothko. And as I strive to keep my work playful and light, I stay mindful of how Jean Arp, Henri Matisse and Alexander Calder so elegantly utilized simple shapes and saturated color.

I have found that the larger the size of each face, the more the viewer can get intimate with the mood and personality of the subject and the more they feel like they are actually interchanging feeling. I like this aspect of the work being translated as "alive" even

when they are hanging fixed on a wall. -Krista Berman

Krista Berman is a BFA Graduate (Summa cum Laude) from the University of Michigan School of Art. She draws inspiration from her work as a natural foods chef and teacher, a part-time feng shui and "organic living" consultant and as a mother to her little girl Sasha. "Children have so much to teach us if we care to stop, look and listen."