Kate Carney

Kate grew up in England, and travelled in Europe extensively as a child, where she personally "met" many of the famously inspiring paintings of the European masters face to face.  Her memories of those charismatic masterworks pops into her process like an echo as she moves through a painting.  Her early formal art training was at Chelsea School of Art in London, after which she studied at University College at University of London focusing on Art History and Humanities.  It seemed like a more marketable education at the time, but Kate admits that she spent most of her time sneaking back into the studio art classes, as well as working for hours and hours in museums copying the masters.


Painterly, passionate, and expressive; backgrounds are usually simplified.  Kate stops when they get interesting and it took a long time to learn that.  She works in oils and her color palette is predominately impressionist with color being very much Kate’s language.  Movement , contrast and bold brushwork on her subject matter creates drama and expression.   Most paintings are developed from plein air studies, life or her own photos and videos…or she just makes it up.  The popular “Wishes” series, the Wild Child dandelions, come from a place of childhood memory, as do the crow paintings.


Kate currently lives in Eustis, Florida with her husband, whichever children are still at home that week, and a large assortment of dogs and cats.  An award winning artist, Kate travels throughout the US participating in Fine Art Festivals, and leading her popular painting workshops.