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McRae  , Sarah Rigas, 12x12, acrylic on panel

McRae, Sarah Rigas, 12x12, acrylic on panel

McRae Art Studios, 1000 Arlington Street, Orlando, FL 32805    407.601.5152

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About McRae Art Studios

McRae Art Studios has a 31 year history in Central Florida. Located in Orlando, it is a collective of 23 artists who maintain individual businesses in art, yet work as a group. Originally started in 1987 on McRae St in Orlando, founders George and Marty Whipple envisioned an affordable place for independent artists to work and mingle, while focusing community attention to the outstanding talent in the area. It was located at 904 Railroad Avenue for 18 years. It moved to its current Orlando address since 2017.

McRae strives to maintain the highest level of artistic accomplishment by bringing artists into the collective by a jury process. Through the years it has been home to numerous nationally recognized artists. The group dynamic brings many advantages to the individual artists including our 9000 square foot workspace, our website, and many opportunities to promote and produce group shows.

We open our studios to the public four times a year, attracting as many as 2000 people in attendance. As a collective, McRae has produced shows with Brevard Museum of Art, Orlando Museum of Art (First Thursday Show), Casselberry City Hall (Artists Program), Maitland Art Center, and Winter Park Public Library, and more. We are always open to new venues for group showings. McRae Art Studios is a front door to the careers and businesses of a diverse group of talented artists. Our true light shines from the work each of us creates. We encourage you to contact us individually or as a group. Private showings of the studio are available by appointment.


McRae Wait List Procedure

New McRae members are accepted through a jury process. Your resume and portfolio will be presented, along with any other applicants, to the entire membership for review. We are looking for professional artists. This does not mean that you need to be full time or even making your living at art. We want people with enthusiasm for art and for the studio. You will be involved in Studio events such as our two open house events, group studio exhibitions and of course parties. Although these are not mandatory your involvement is appreciated (that means cleanup!).

The studios are fairly open and there is no way to accommodate certain types of art such as work involving fumes, welding, or raku. Also, we must work within the fire code of the City of Orlando.

To be considered for space we require a packet from you that includes:

1. Your name and contact info
2. Resume
3. Artist statement
4. Printed photos of your work with size, materials and process description.

You may include a cd of work and/or your web site. This packet of information will be kept on file at McRae. It will not be returned to you. You may update this file at any time by adding new work images. Your name will not be added to the McRae waiting list without this packet. Please call ahead to drop off your packet to the address below or email it to

McRae Art Studios
1000 Arlington Avenue
Orlando, FL 32805

Thank you for your interest and good luck!
The Board of Directors
McRae Art Studios

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