Cindy Anderson


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Cindy A. Anderson began painting in the early 80s and has developed a deep respect and passion for the medium. After living in New York and attending Pratt Institute for a few years she returned home to study under a few prolific central Florida artists with the intent of finding her own voice.

Using acrylics or oils on wood for most of her work, she manipulates the surface before, during and after the paint is applied. Many layers of ground are laid down first to make the work as archival as possible. When the paint is applied, and still wet, tools are often used to carve into the pigment, drawing the subject in its surroundings. "I glaze, I scratch, I spray water and use palette knives, all to create the desired mood. Its important to me that the viewer feels the emotion that I've put into the work, whether it be peace or outrage, I never want the them to leave the work feeling bored."