Visiting Artist Studio Program

Special Announcement

McRae Art Studios is piloting a three-month Visiting Artist studio program. Why? To enhance the mix of artist disciplines within our studio warehouse, while offering local, national, or international artists the opportunity to be a part of our artist community.

The 12-1/2 ft. x 14-1/2 ft. studio space has an eight-foot ceiling height, central air conditioning, and is accessible 24 hours a day. Rental cost is $855 for each three-month term and does not include housing or travel accommodations. Mcrae Art Studios is open by appointment with the exception of four seasonal public events —Open Houses (December, April), Open Studios (February, September).   

Rental Terms: 

SUMMER: June, July, August 

FALL:  September, October, November

WINTER: December, January, February

SPRING: March, April, May 

Interested artists, please send 6 jpgs of your work, an artist bio, and term preference(s) (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) to Dina Mack at BY APRIL 13, 2013 to be considered. Participants will be announced on MAY 10, 2013. We are seeking established and emerging artists whose work, medium or aesthetic varies from that currently represented. Please review the  Mcrae Art Studios website to see the current artists' work. 

McRae Spring Open House Tonight!

Come join us from 4 to 9 pm!

Here's a preview of some of the work you'll see tonight...

Blogging Learning Curve

Hey McRayons! I had a great time hanging with you all today! Thanks for the photo Chip!! 

I may have forgot to mention something about blogging. Check out the + sign at the bottom of the add post box. That is the 'add block' button for adding photos and videos and such to a blog. Click the + and explore.

I know there was a lot of info today, but if you just start clicking around and exploring, you'll find out that squarespace is quite easy and fun... not to mention cool. Email or call me with questions! OH- and go to and watch their tutorial videos. They are awesome and easy to follow. 

Happy cybering!! xoxo Chris